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“You can choose your friends, but not your family.”


No truer words were ever spoken. How we are assigned our ancestors is nothing short of a pig-in-a-poke. Not one of us has a say in which two X & Y chromosomes do the tango that endows us with our traits, appearances, talents, and much more. So, if we know nothing, or very little about our ancestors, should we leave the unknown alone? Or should we go fishing in our family closet with no clue what we might catch?



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I absolutely loved this book! I had so many emotions reading it. Happy, sad, very emotional at times. I have southern roots and so many things in this story made me think of my own Grandma! Lee has never disappointed me with his books. Another great book from him!  Jan



A Crafty, Engaging Page Turner - Keeps you guessing!



Two 5-Star Reviews on Amazon

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The author has done it again with another sweet story about a boy and his dog overcoming misfortune, cruelty and loss. The author explores the range of human behavior from senseless cruelty to animals to selfless kindness, from crushed dreams to new beginnings, and along the way his love of Sandbridge, his home in reality as well as featured in his fiction, shines through. He describes a young man’s baseball games so vividly that the reader is drawn into the game. His love of animals, particularly dogs, gives him an inside track to how a dog thinks and reacts. There are no explosions, (well, maybe one small one) or bloody battles, or gunfights, but there is plenty of action and suspense. The author draws the characters so well the reader comes to care about what happens to them next. I look forward to reading his next book. Gene Byrge, author, MI


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You can't fail to like this author's writing. I was lucky to read an ARC of this story chapter by chapter as it was created. The depth of character is Lee's forte as an author I think.

I'm a sucker for stories about dogs, especially dogs that have suffered at the hands of humans. Their determination to seek out a better life for themselves is set out beautifully in this emotional book. Angel stumbles across the kindest of families, the Comleys, and that where her fortunes turn. No longer beaten and regarded an outcast, Angel grows in stature when she benefits from the family's love and attention. In the end she blossoms into a dog with a true mission in life.

Great read for animal lovers and mystery lovers alike. Mel Comley, author, France



I love Lee's laid-back style!


I've read all of Carey's books and must say I love them. They don't make my heart race or my muscles tense up or keep me awake at night - but they do tweak my tear ducts. His obvious love for dogs shines through, and you can't help getting involved with the characters. In "Flash" the protagonist has conversations with his dogs - fantasy, yes, but heartwarming also. If you're looking for blood, sex and violence, you're in the wrong place. If you enjoy a quiet read that will tug at your heartstrings, you will definitely enjoy "Flash", and Carey's other books.




Flash...the Humble Hero brought a smile to my face. With a story line straight out of a Frank Capra movie (Pocketful of Miracles comes to mind), Flash...the Humble Hero calls upon the reader to completely suspend reality and accept as fact that two dogs, Gabby and Flash, can talk and communicate with their owner, Scooter. And why not? As a lover of cats, I can affirm that my two babies, Callie and Cassie, most certainly commune with me!
More than likely aimed at a young adult audience, "Flash" goes to great lengths to avoid what most every other book embraces: four-letter words and abusive language. Kudos to Mr. Carey for his steadfast integrity and resistance to taking the easy road; the high road is infinitely better!
Young adult or senior citizen, if you're a lover of fun fantasy where things turn out the way they ought to, you'll most certainly enjoy Flash...the Humble Hero.
Joe Perrone, author, NC





"Tense Mystery With A Heart"


Take a step back in time...

When the evil in the world was confronted and dealt with by heroes. Men and women that still valued morals, manners and kindness. A time when tradition, honor and family still meant something. When the spoken word was enough to seal a deal when promised by an honorable man.

Or seal your death when spoken by a dishonorable one.

Welcome to Hollowell County, North Carolina. There you will find a true hero by the name of Howie Higgins. One not afraid to die for a friend during times of war or days of peace. A man of strong moral character that isn't afraid to express his emotions to others. A man that finds himself caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the county's deadliest family.

An intriguing mystery with great twists and turns, a bit of payback for unjust deeds, and a lot of heart and soul. A great read!

Ashley Fontainne, author.



To say that this book is an excellent read is a gross understatement! Having grown up in the late 50's, I was immediately invested with Keith and "Flea" and couldn't wait to turn each page and follow their exploits. The author writes in such a crisp, clear and flowing style that you're at the end before you know it. I especially liked the fact that he chose not to introduce too many characters which would have cluttered this wonderful story. His development of the main characters was seamless, making it that much easier to understand each as individuals. After 180 pages, I wanted more! I can't wait to begin "Out of the Rough". Bravo for a delightful slice of Americana - keep 'em coming. Rita Dulina, VA




Lee Carey is an accomplished author with eight published novels to his credit. He lives at Sandbridge, which is the Outer Banks of Virginia, and in 2014 he published a collection of his short stories called Beach Shorts. These artistic tales capture a wide range of emotions, ranging from the heart-warming to the humorous to the grotesque. They depict the beauty of the beach region, including stories written from the point of view of the various natural beach citizens of the wildlife population, such as loggerhead turtles, sandfiddler crabs and sharks. Challenging events such as tsunami waves, riptides, hurricanes are featured. Mr. Carey also writes stories about the impact of human intervention on the outer banks, including not only tourism but also marine science experts. Perhaps you heard of the large number of dead dolphins that so sadly washed ashore last year? Ever imagined what might happen if a huge whale washed ashore? Mr. Carey tells you, in arguably the best whale story since Melville’s Moby Dick. Did you ever lie to your parents or cheat on your grades? Mr. Carey has a story about that, called The Report Card, a tale reminiscent of Mark Twain. Ever heard the words “finders keepers”? Well, beachcombers look to find stuff all the time, and so Mr. Carey has a new twist on the tale called Gone Fishin. And the therapeutic effect of the ocean waves, sea breeze, digging in the sand, picnicking and sunbathing – they all are covered in these stories. Great fun to read - for young and old alike. Beach Shorts is a must-read for those taking a beach vacation at the outer banks, or those who might want to live by the sea. The cover shows an avid reader studying Mr. Carey’s manuscript while sunning on the beach – you should, too!  David Keith, Falls Church, VA




After reading Lee's other short stories, all of which touched me in a way other short stories haven't, and believe me I've read quite a few over the years.
Beach shorts has a wonderful mixture of humour/humor mixed with thought-provoking situations. Loved the term NATs and TOTs, I'd never heard of anything like that before. I used to live in a holiday town in the UK and every year we would get invaded by GROCKLES so I could totally relate to this story! LOL
I'd love to visit Sandbridge in the future because of the images running through my mind at the moment, thanks to Lee's wonderful writing.
Great job, Lee. Keep smilin'. 
Mel Comley, author, France


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