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Every family has a family closet with many, many shelves. Left closed, long-ago secrets, personalities, and actions are generally not known. But when someone is driven by the desire to know their ancestors, they will even pay to have that door opened.


Bobby Ray is a good man. Born and raised in Cave Spring, Georgia, the thirty-year-old man is busy trying to get his life on track. The only family he really knows is his grandmother, Glenda. His mother, Joy, Gramma's only daughter left them when he was seven. They've not heard a word from her in twenty-three years.


As a cook at the retirement home where his elderly Gramma resides, Bobby Ray finds he needs another job to supplement his paltry income. He hears about a company, 'Family Closet', hiring researchers to assist clients in search of their long-dead ancestors. The popular craze puzzles Bobby Ray since he feels there's nothing he wants to learn about his family because it won't change his life, but it could reveal truths he'd rather not know.


Bobby Ray becomes a popular researcher, and with practically every client, he sees facets of their past to support his 'not for me' stance on climbing into a musty, moth-infested closet. However, over the course of time, little tidbits of his ancestry become known.


Will he unwillingly learn the history of his lineage? Will he ever see his mother again? If a person's ancestry was so important, why hasn't his Gramma shared her knowledge? Could knowledge of the past alter his present?


Bobby Ray continues to give his best each day. His love for his Gramma remains strong. "I'll take one day at a time."


*My target date for publication of 'Family Closet' is June '19. Stay tuned. Thank you!






The McCarty family has resided in a small part of Burke County, North Carolina, known as Table Rock. Joseph, the father of three children, has spent his entire life working his cattle and hog farm to provide for his family and those who work with him. His life is winding down. His children are married and live elsewhere, and his dear wife has passed on to her reward.


Each generation are always a few limbs and branches above those who came before, in a different era. And many times, those closer to the ground are stronger. And it's when difficult times come, the strength of limbs are tested. Some stand strong while others can't handle the weight.


Will Joseph be around to see if his children have what it takes to face the realities of life or if they crumble? Some trees are healthier than others.


*Target date for 'Family Tree' is next Fall. Stay tuned. Thank you!

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